New for the Summer season our 30ft Slip N' Slide!  The Retro Slip-N-Slide makes a simple but fun addition to any function or party where the guests won't mind getting a bit wet! With a small start it's easy to slide on your belly all the way to the end of the slide, under the colored arches and sprinkling water. $250

18 foot Wet or Dry Retro Slide:  Our 18-foot Single Lane Water Slide is known for thrills with its height and fast paced slip. Its bright colors are sure to get attention! This 18-ft unit can be used either as a water slide for hours of slipping and sliding fun on a hot day or turn off the water and it works perfectly as a dry slide. $400
18 foot dry slide: Ideal for large and small events, this 18-foot slide has a no-fall safety feature at the top that keeps everyone having a fun and safe time. With 15 feet of slide and 3 feet of cushioned slow-down space, adults and children enjoy this sturdy inflatable. $350